Fighting life's fires? Called to greatness, but can’t begin? You’re not alone; Fighting Life’s Fires™ and™ will help! See for yourself how this revolutionary, strategic personal coaching system really works. It’s Bible-based and God-centered. Each workbook module is ready to download and affordably priced. Stop fighting life’s fires and honor God today!

 Imagine five butane lighters situated neatly before you. Each has a small flickering flame. The ports are labeled from left to right: Financial, Internal, Relational, External, and Spiritual (F.I.R.E.S.™). These five ports represent the critical areas in our lives that we all struggle to balance on a daily basis. Perhaps you more readily recognize them as the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual components inherent to every human being.

For many people, childhood represented a more simple and carefree time. Perhaps life’s fires even resembled flickering pilot lights back then. As adults, our childish innocence, peace, and simplicity may have been replaced by the raging infernos of guilt, restlessness, and complexity. As we focus and concentrate on taming one of life’s fires, another seemingly flares up behind us.

Don’t despair... burn relief is here! The pages of this five-part workbook will lead you towards greater satisfaction in F.I.R.E.S.™ prevention and maintenance. You will learn to Reset, Redefine, and Realign™ unproductive paradigms with proven methods of success. For an additional fee, you can even hire a Fighting Life’s Fires™ coach, to guide you along the way.